Poultry Farm Worker Jobs In Canada October 2020 (With Salaries)

Poultry Farm Worker Jobs In Canada August 2020

Poultry Farm Worker Jobs

Poultry Farm Worker Jobs In Canada in August 2020, We are looking for an active Poultry Farm Worker who can responsibly assist with daily tasks on the farm. The job is based on routinely manual work that does not require extra-ordinary skills. His/her responsibilities include looking after the birds/chickens/turkey, feeding them timely, and stockpiling their eggs. Adding to it, he/she will maintain the farm, check the heating & watering systems, and preserve the quality standards. The work will be evaluated through the outcomes, reviews, and inspections.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Following are the duties and responsibilities are to be taken care of by the potential applicant:

  1. The central part of the authorized responsibilities includes maintaining the farm. Check up on the feeding, watering, and heating system and, if otherwise, perform troubleshooting.
  2. The candidate is responsible for cleaning the house, feeders, coops, water containers, boilers, and barns.
  3. During the cleaning process, he/she is required to sterilize all the equipment.
  4. Maintain the logs and checklist on the poultry’s impermanence, their food, preparing them for vaccination and other operations.
  5. Collect, store, and keep a record of all the eggs. He/she is also responsible for the eggs’ packaging, weigh the cartons, crate them, and file/deliver the shipment.
  6. Maintain the temperature of the house, its hygiene standards, lighting, and uphold the criteria of animal welfare.
  7. Assign tasks to all the individuals working on the farm. Also, hire and train the staff as needed.
  8. He/she must ensure the utilization and employment of proper bio-security standards while entering and leaving the house.

Educational & Professional Requirements for poultry Farm Worker Jobs:

Education: The eligibility for this vacancy requires a minimum secondary (high) school certificate or equivalent.

Experience: The minimum experience required for this job minimum of seven months and a maximum of one year.

Skills & Knowledge:

Following skills are required for the applicant to be eligible for the given positions:

  1. The potential candidate is expected to have excellent communication skills. The language that is preferred is English.
  2. A firm decision-maker and does not panic in troubling situations.
  3. He/she must be a team player and can maintain an efficient work cycle.
  4. Has a valid driving license and certificate to operate any machinery when needed, such as tractors, trucks, and movers.
  5. He/she must be able to withhold harsh working environments like dusty, noisy, cold, hot, and outdoor situations.
  6. Have basic knowledge related to raising poultry, relevant machinery, and the use of supplies?
  7. Knows about repairing and troubleshooting coups, house, equipment, and pens.
  8. He/she has no criminal record and must maintain the security of the organization at all costs.

Job Details:

Total Vacancies: 12

Job type: Permanent – Full time

Shift: Day, Evening, Night, Morning (Weekends and Overtime can be requested)

Expected Salary: $18.00 per hour (Total: 44 hours per week)

Location: # 11, 106 Colborne Street N, Walkerton, ON, N0G 2V0

How to Apply:

The potential candidates are requested to use any one of the following contact details to send in their resumes/CVs:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 519-881-0146 (Working hours: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM)

Fax: 519-881-4577

Mailing Address/By-hand: # 11, 106 Colborne Street N, Walkerton, ON, N0G 2V0

Note: We publish all the employment opportunities based on the information provided. We are unable to provide any guarantee of a job being provided to any individual or its safety. The responsibility lies on the individual to search for the integrity and safety of the organization.