Laborer for Field & Vegetable Crops Worker Jobs in Canada

 Laborer for Field & Vegetable Crops

The company is looking for a punctual and diligent candidate to maintain the crops and manage the livestock persistently. The candidate has to be physically fit enough to undertake all the substantial labor, operate machinery and tools under the administration of his/her manager.


Duties & Responsibilities:

Following are the duties and responsibilities are to be taken care of by the potential applicant:

  1. The trust will lie on the candidate to harvest, and examine the crops, maintaining their quality and boost their growth.
  2. Must be able to spray the soil, retain the ditches and pumps on the field. The candidate should be capable enough to know the functionality of the irrigation equipment and maintain the system.
  3. Taking care of the crops and preserving their quality. By knowing that, he/she will spray pesticidal solutions to control the spread of weeds, insects, and molds. Also, applying the rightful quantity of herbicides and fertilizers to the crops to guard them and enhance growth.
  4. Have complete knowledge about the functionality of the tractors, machinery, and other agricultural equipment. The candidate will have to perform tasks by hand or by the use of given electronic machinery, e.g., fertilizing, plowing, spraying or harvesting, etc.
  5. Harvest the crops and prepare them for the market. Active participation in the process of quality inspection and sort them for the market. The candidate must know how to do it by hand or by the given equipment.


Educational & Professional Requirements:

Education: For this vacancy, no particular degree or certificate required to apply.

Experience: No particular record of expertise needed for this vacancy.


Skills & Knowledge:

Following skills are required for the applicant to be eligible for the given positions:

  1. Be fully aware of operating and controlling the tasks at hand. It may include performing tasks by hand or by using the available equipment.
  2. Monitoring the workload. Be attentive and vigilant in the field to pick out any errors and troubleshoot the situations.
  3. A critical thinker will be preferred. The one who has strong decision-making skills and that too, by the use of logic and reasoning.
  4. Candidate must possess the ability to coordinate and work as a team player.
  5. Having the physical ability to withstand heavy objects and different weather conditions for extended period of time.
  6. The applicant must not panic under pressure instead comes up with smart and strategic solutions.


Job Details:

Total Vacancies: 25

Job type: Full-time

Shift: Day, Night (Work on weekends can be requested)

Expected Salary: $15.20 per hour (Total: 40 hours per week)

Benefits: Group Insurance Benefits

Location: Bassano, AB


How to Apply:

The potential candidates are requested to use any one of the following contact details to send in their resumes/CVs:

Email: [email protected]

Fax Number: 403-641-3998


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