Individuals who want to visit the United Arab Emirate for tourism purposes must follow these guidelines.
As we know that people all around the world visit the United Arab Emirates for tourism purposes. The reason behind this is that each Emirate of UAE, especially Dubai has its grace that attracts tourists. Travellers visit UAE through-out the year. The charm of the human-made island and the Ferrari world are the centre of attraction for the tourists in UAE.
Famous cities of UAE
The famous emirates of the United Arab Emirates are
Dubai is the most populated Emirate of UAE. It is the economic hub people around all world come to Dubai for employment purposes. The places which attract the tourist in Dubai are
Atlantis Hotel
Burj Khalifa
Underwater Zoo
Dubai Garden Glow
Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE. Japanese architects designed it. Abu Dhabi is highly populated with Indians. The place of attraction for travellers there in Abu Dhabi is Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque.
Sharjah is famous due to its urban and modern lifestyle. It was the first city of UAE where school and library were built. Every year many travellers visit Sharjah to spend their holidays.
Prominent Trademarks of UAE
UAE is a perfect tourists place. Some leading factors make UAE an ideal place for tourism
The crime rate in the UAE is 0.3 %
All the major airlines of the world have their operation in the UAE
UAE is a global village. People from all over the world of different race and religions are living there peacefully
UAE is one of the most economically stable states of the world.
The ideal location of UAE connecting it with the whole world.

Process of Applying for UAE Visit Visa

For applying UAE visit visa, you need a sponsor. The Government of UAE has launched an official website Government. Ae ( All the details regarding sponsorship are given on this website. There are few basic needs for the entry permit as mentioned in the site.
The sponsor could be one of the following
A national of UAE
An individual who has the residency permit
UAE airlines
Hotels or the tour agents
Government servant.
The best way of applying for a visa is that you should use for the visa airlines. Following are UAE based airlines, which can be your sponsors by the help of these airlines you can apply for a tourist visa online.
Etihad Airways
Emirates Airlines
Fly-Dubai Airlines
Air-Arabia Airlines
Process of Applying for Online Visa
Visit the websites of any of the following airlines
Etihad Airways
Emirates Airlines
Fly-Dubai Airlines
Air-Arabia Airlines
All the details about visa, duration and the visa fees are given on the websites.
Documents Required for the Visa
Some essential documents are required for the visa process
Six months valid passport
Scanned Color copy of your passport.
Confirmed return tickets
Passport size photographs with white background
Application forms must be downloaded from the official website of any of the airlines.
The form should be filled.
The visa issued will be of Abu Dhabi after that you can go to any Emirate State.
On the website of Etihad Airways, there will be application form you can fill that application form online
Some other Necessary Documents
Some other documents must be provided
Marriage certificate (if married)
Birth certificate (if any)
If the candidate is a child then a photocopy of passport and id of parents
Birth certificate of that child in both English and Arabic.
If the candidate is married women then a photocopy of passport and Id card of husband
All the documents provided must be in a JPG picture format.

Online Form Filling Process
Etihad Airways offers several visas like Tourist Visa, Service Visa, Transit Visa, Tourist Visa- Multiple Entry, Long Term Visit visa- Multiple Entry, Long Term Tourist Visa. It is up to you which type of visa do you apply. The tourist visa is of 30 days. By clicking on a Tourist visa, the application form of a tourist visa will be opened. You can now start your visa process.
The application from the destination is fixed to Abu Dhabi.
You can select the airport of your arrival.
The country from which you are applying for the visa
Upload your passport scanned copy
Now enter your personal information
The reason for your visit to the UAE
Passport information that includes Passport type, passport number, the date on which visa was issued, expiry date, and so on.
Your accommodation details.
Select your country
Your permanent address, your contact number and your email address.
The next step is uploading your documents
If you have any additional documents that you want to upload you can upload them.
Details of the Visas offered by Etihad Airways
Transit Visa
Duration: 4 days
Visa fees: 50AED
Validity: 14 days
Tourist Visa – Multiple Entries
Duration: 30 days
Visa fees: 650AED
Validity: 60 days
Service Visa
Duration: 14 days
Visa fees: 400AED
Validity: 14 days
Long Term Tourist Visa
Duration: 90 days
Visa fees: 1000AED
Validity: 60 days
Long Term Visit Visa –Multiple Entry
Duration: 90 days
Visa fees: 2500AED
Validity: 60 days
Costs of the visa process
The visa fee of the tourist visa is 356 AED. You can pay this fee online by your Visa card or your credit card. You will enter the details of your credit card online. The required amount will be deducted from your bank account. If you do not have a credit card or visa debit card, you can use one of your guardians. After paying your visa fees you will receive a confirmation mail at the email you have given, and within 3 to 4 working days, you will also get your visa. By this process, you can get your tourist visa by Etihad Airways. Moreover, you can also get your permission from the other three airlines.