How to Get United Kingdom (UK) Visit Visa from Pakistan (2020)?

How to Get the United Kingdom (UK) Visit
Visa from Pakistan (2020)?

This article explains basic details for getting UK Visit Visa. Moreover, you will find a few tips that

guarantee 100 % visa acceptance.

There are two steps to get UK Visit Visa, initially, you have to go to the Visa and immigration
website of U.K, and submit your application and after applying you have to go to a
Visa Facilitation Services (V.F.S) or Visa Application Center located in Islamabad, Karachi,
Lahore and Mirpur and provide all of your documents.
Online Process (Appointment):
When you are on the Homepage of the website click on Visa and Immigration. On this page, you
will see an option of “Visit the U.K” Click on it and then choose your reason for visiting e.g.
Tourism, visiting a family member or a friend, business trip, Medical treatment or whatever the
purpose is.
The category of your Visa is Standard Visitor Visa, on the website you have to submit your
personal details e.g. Family details, Financial/bank details, after filling out the application form
Print that out. You have to fill the form in English, you will have to bring the application to the
V.F.S centre along with the other document
Visa Application Centre Process:
When you visit the application centre for an appointment, it is necessary to bring all your documents
and supporting pieces of evidence for your visa.
If you are visiting someone you need a sponsor letter from the person you are visiting, if you are
visiting for Medical treatment you need to provide all of your Medical details if you are visiting
for Business purposes, you have to provide your business details as well as Tax details and also
the details of the person you are doing business with, and if you are visiting for leisure or
spending a holiday you have to show your bank statement of at least six months, and you have to
prove that you have enough money to fund your trip.
How Much Money Should You Have in Your Bank Statement?
At least 7,00,000 PKR to 8,00,000 PKR is preferably recommended. Don’t put all the money in
your bank account at once and leave it like that, put small amounts and make more transactions,
you have to provide all the documents in English and a certified translation of the documents that
are not in English. The fee for a Standard Visitor Visa is 95 Pounds (17575 PKR) per person.
Tips for Getting 100% Done Visa:
Try to provide as many documents as you can that will prove and convince your Visa Officer
that you will return to your country when your visa limits end. If you are married mention that in

Your application. If you have a property in your name or investment of some kind attach a
proof along with the other documents. If you are an employee attach a Reference letter from your
employer. Always be Confident and be yourself.
Have a nice safe trip!! Enjoy