How to Get a Job in Canada | Find Jobs In Canada With Good Salaries

A complete guide on “how to get a job in Canada?”

Are you planning to migrate to Canada and worried about your future jobs and searching How to Get a Job in Canada? Undoubtedly finding a new job in a new country is one of the riskiest things of life. Only the right guidance and adequate information can make it a piece of cake for the immigrants.

Before immigrating to any country, do consider its graphs of employment. Canada is certainly a great option concerning employment and financial security. The employment ratio is already less there, which is the main reason to apply for immigration.

Before you think about getting a job in Canada as a foreigner, consider its economic strength. So far, Canada has proved to be a haven for new faces among some other Western countries. If you have some money and want to invest, go for the Canadian economy.

Once you are sure that the Canadian state is suitable to help you pursue your career goal, apply for immigration. This article is for immigrants worried about finding a job in Canada.

How to Get a Job in Canada | (A Clear Road Map)

How to Get a Job in Canada

Immigration sounds like an arduous thing, but with the right job and sufficient cash in your pocket, it can be the best life experience.

For a responsible person who wants to start a new life, securing a good job before landing in Canada is vital. Worry not; we have chalked out the most practical plan for you to grab the job of your dreams.

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1.Learn about the eligibility for a work permit.

First things first, if you find the answer to the “how to get a work visa Canada?” then check your eligibility. The Canadian government has a policy to approve immigrants to work in Canada. All you have to do is visit the official websites and apply for the work permit. That work permit will define what type of works you can do, where, and for how long you can work.

No one is going to let you work unless you show the work permit. Companies and employers will first ask for permission from the state, and through confirmation, you can have your dream job in Canada.

How to qualify for jobs in Canada?

To qualify for jobs in Canada as a foreigner, you need to pass various tests. Slight incompetency can lead to a delay or loss of the job opportunity. Immigrants need to qualify for the following tests to get a job in Canada.

  • Educational credential assessment is generally known as ECA. Many immigrants will already have this for Visa processing.
  • Proof for the previous work experiences anywhere in the world.
  • Language tests to ensure that you can work without any communication barrier.
  • Occupational competency test. It is compulsory for only a few skilled based occupations.

2.Craft a fabulous Resume to find a job in Canada.

Like every region with its way of considering things, Canada also demands a different CVs pattern and resume. Make sure to understand the Canadian resume style before writing your resume.

For an immigrant, it can be tough to impress employers. They may have different reservations. So, to address each downside adequately, work on the resume. Poorly written resumes can be a turn-off. Hire a reliable CV and resume developer, and get it done correctly.

3.Search for a job offer before arrival.

The immigration phase comes with several uncertainties. Clouding many apprehensions in the immigrant’s mind. To stay in high spirits, immigrants need to try every option.

Being hired before you reach Canada is an achievement for an immigrant. It will be a green signal for him and his family as the Canadian state and employers are quite welcoming. Thus it would be as easy as ABC, provided that you are fit for the job descriptions.

The following platforms can help you find a perfect job in Canada before arrival.

  • Random online searching.

As Canada is growing, most companies are searching for talent from across the globe. Shortlist the best job opportunities and companies. Frequently visit their sites, and when there is a vacancy, give it a shot. Apply for the job online and stay tuned until you are hired.

  • LinkedIn

Over the last few years, LinkedIn has become an opportunity hub for job seekers and employers like most social media sites. Create a LinkedIn profile, work on your resume, and portfolio and apply for Canada’s new jobs.

  • Indeed

Indeed, it has been a great helper for immigrants in finding secure jobs in Canada. Almost 30 to 40 percent of foreign workers in Canada claim they found a job through this online job providing site.

4.How to get a job in Canada, post immigration?

Just like any other jobless immigrant, the first thing you will do is search for a job. There are two effective ways to find a job post immigration. Reach out to the companies directly, visit their offices, drop your resume, and wait for the call. Otherwise, if some people are your friends or family in Canada, seek their help.

Networking may sound a bit unprofessional, but it works. Networking is the last resort to find a job, and it will only work when you are a passionate worker.

5.Stay secure with the SIN number.

The Canadian government is extremely concerned about the basic needs of its citizens. If you are an immigrant and want to enjoy all those privileges, do not skip the SIN number. It will be issued a few weeks after immigration and settling in Canada.

In Canada, every employer will ask for the SIN number. It is essential because hiring anyone without the SIN number is illegal there. To get a SIN, you need the following details.

  • Your permanent resident card.
  • Confirmed residential address.
  • A government-issued identification card.

Jobs available for Immigrants in Canada.

Before reaching their dream residence, everyone wishes for a secure job. Canada is a new world for every foreigner trying to settle there, so it is better to have a preliminary but reliable idea of the jobs. According to reports, Canada has almost two lacs jobs for foreigners from various sectors and industries.
Most of the jobs are from the service and manufacturing departments. Not only for experts but novice and inexperienced workers are also welcoming there. Do not forget to get the required documents before you apply for any job in Canada. Be it before immigration or after.
Current job openings in Canada for immigrants.
Once you know how to get jobs in Canada for foreigners with visa sponsorship, it is time to do the job hunting. The following are some common job opportunities available for new workers and foreigners in Canada.

1. Jobs for farmworkers.

A farmworker earns almost $30,000 to $45,000 annually in Canada; this is more than enough for a single person who has just immigrated to the new land. In Ontario, Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba, there are almost 140 job vacancies for general farmworkers.
There are several new companies in dire need of new workers. Farm working is a new and emerging industry in Canada. Many investors seek to invest in it as, over the year, the population growth will make it a successful business.
• Apply at the general farm workers, on their website: [email protected] they are paying $15 an hour.
• Linton Farms are offering similar farm work jobs at a $14 per hour rate.

Send your CV and a scanned photo of your visa to [email protected]

2. Jobs as Computer equipment repair in Canada.

Computer equipment repair jobs are very much in demand. As Canada’s population is increasing with every passing day, repairing workers are getting more to earn. If you have a diploma in computer repairing or software development, you can easily get this job.

Computer repair jobs are comparatively better but are the best for those holding a computer diploma or degree. An unskilled worker may work as housekeeping or a truck driver in Canada.

Computer repairer jobs are more prevalent in Quebec. The hourly salary for a computer repair job is $22.

• Nearly New is a company offering 16 to 22 dollars per hour for a computer repairer job. All you have to do is share the credentials at their email address, [email protected]
• IP GENIUS business slutions. Inc is also offering a considerable amount for a new and reliable computer repairer. Almost $30 an hour.

3. Factory laborer.

Working as a factory worker in Canada is a type of luxury. This job includes clean tasks, a cabin, and all the necessary equipment need to complete the tasks. Every factory worker works in an industrial unit. It is indeed a flexible job, with reasonable pay rates.
Many old, established, and well-known companies like Coca-Cola, maple leaf is searching for competitive factory workers. All that is required for a factory worker is a diploma or a degree in the relevant field. Management degrees and certificates are preferable in these cases.
• Coca-Cola Canada is looking for an experienced factory worker, offering a handsome salary.
• BC air filter company is also offering a $15 per hour job for novice factory workers;

Apply here with your CV and credentials. [email protected]

• Teknion Quebec is also offering $16 for mechanical workers in their industry. This is the address to apply [email protected]

4. Jobs in Canada as Truck drivers

If you are an unskilled person but want to earn better in Canada. Go for the truck driving license. Truck drivers make the most in Canada. Their annual salary is almost $75,000. Canada is a vast state, and transport is crucial to connect to different regions. Truck drivers will never be out of work in Canada. For youngsters, it can be the best supportive and primary job in Canada.
• RDM logistics is offering $24 per hour [email protected] is the address to apply.
• Canada Six fortune Enterprise requires a truck driver for $21 an hour. [email protected]

5. Housekeeping jobs in Canada

Housekeeping jobs are ideal in Canada for unskilled persons. The average pay rate for housekeeping is $15. The main benefit for the housekeeping jobs is freedom. No one is going to disturb you; a housekeeper can work according to his desires.
• Molly Tenenbaum is looking for a person who can converse well in English and is polite.

They are offering $16 per hour—mailto:[email protected] to apply.

• Pattern at Scarborough in Maple ON. For 40 hours per week, they will offer $19/hour. The only requirement is the high school certificate. You can apply at the pattern jobs.

What are the benefits of legislated jobs in Canada?

The legislated jobs in Canada are a package of luxuries for employers. Both the natives and immigrants are treated equally in this case. Insurances and bonuses are the peculiar features of every legislated job in Canada. The following are some expected benefits: Canada is offering a great deal to the new employees, unlike the developing countries.
• Employment insurance that is extremely important for everyone is the responsibility of the state.
• The pension plan, to get it both the worker and the employer need to take the initiative.
• Workplace and vehicle safety according to the specified rules of the state/region.

What should you have to get a minimum salary job in Canada?

Immigration to Canada is the first phase of all the upcoming challenges. Once you land there, you need to find out if you can work for the minimum wage possible. The following things are required to start a job in Canada with a bare minimum salary.
• Ability to read and write English. As French is also a national language so it will also help. In most regions, French is preferred over English.
• Relevant experience, but not for all jobs.
• Age should not be less than 21 or more than 39 years.
• A passport and a visa.
• High school certificate


Finding a job in the fastest flourishing country globally, like Canada, requires motivation, talent, sound knowledge, and verified papers. After verification, an immigrant needs to survive on his own. Each Canadian province works autonomously, so the criteria to find a job can vary. You must contact the occupational directory of each region for fast and secure processing.

Happy job hunting!