How I get Canada Work Visa

Things to keep in mind for Canadian Work Permit Visa

With the world’s most top economies, Canada is an attraction for professionals to seek for Work Permits. Every year, nearly around 200,000 highly competent professionals apply for the Canadian Work Visa. After getting the Canada Work Permit allows you to work in Canada without the need to undertake point-based assessments. To be able to work in Canada or have a Canadian Work Permit, you must be appointed by an employer in Canada. You ought to be approved by Labor Market, which permits the employer to hire a skilled foreign worker. Permanent residents of Canada cannot fill such approved positions. So we have compiled a few pointers for you to keep in mind before/while applying for a Canadian Work Permit in 2020:


A valid job offer: To start with the process, one must have a valid job offer by an employer in Canada. Without that, you do not have proof to apply for the working permit. In this case, there are two types of work permits. One is open work permits; it gives the freedom to work for any employer in Canada. The second one is employer-specific work permits; it restricts you to work for only one employer in Canada.


Temporary Work Visa:

The foremost thing to keep in mind is that the Canadian Work Visas are temporary. If a permanent solution to it, you must apply for the immigration visa rather than the work one. It is an epitome option for all temporary workers, people in business, permanent workers. In the case of business workers, Canada also provides business people and visitors both. With the permit, they will be allowed to work in Canada under the free trade agreement, falling under the three conventions.


Permanent Workers:

For the Canadian Working Permits, there can be permanent workers as well. For that, one has to be a skilled professional to apply for a stable working permit. To achieve this, you have to go through the Express Entry System. Knowing that there are three types of skilled working immigration program available, and they are as follows:


General Eligibility Pointers:

The first thing needed is to have a job opportunity and surety that you will leave Canada once your work permit expires. After that, one must confirm the financial independence that they can take care of themselves in the country. One must not have a criminal record or any activity that puts the security of Canada in jeopardy. One ought to pass the medical test and be physically fit. One must assure that they will not work with an ineligible list of employers during their tenure in Canada. The individual must provide will all the asked documents to qualify for the permit of Canada.


Necessary Documents:

The list includes recent passport size photos. An authorized and legal passport to apply for the permit. All the valid educational certificates must be needed in the process, so they should be kept in check. That also includes the inclusion of all the work experience certificates. One must have documented proof that defines their financial stability in Canada. It must be all be done along with a thoroughly filled application form.