If you want to go to America on a short period for some short-term work, for travel or to spend your holidays you should apply for B1 and B2 US Non-Immigrant Visa

There are two main categories of American Visa, the first one is the Immigrant visa, and the other one is Non-Immigrant Visa. Individuals who want to visit America temporarily can apply for the Non-Immigrant American Visa.

Types of Non-Immigrant American Visa
There are two categories of US Non-Immigrant visa
B1 US Non-Immigrant Visa
B2 US Non-Immigrant Visa

B1 Non-Immigrant American Visa
A person may apply for a B1 visa if he/she wants to visit the US for some Business purpose such as to attend some official meetings, make investments or to hire some staff. Apart from that if an athlete is participating in some sports events and a domestic employee is being paid by an organization for some short term work can also apply for B1 visa.
B2 Non-Immigrant American Visa
A B2 visa is for those travellers who wish to spend their holidays in America or want to go there for some medical treatment.

How to apply for the B1 and B2 Visa online

Here are some steps which should be followed to apply for the visa online
First, the candidate should visit
Select the country or area from which you are applying for the visa.
Candidate should select the type of visa they want to apply, for example, Non-Immigrant visa.
Download the DS 160 form from the given website.
Candidate should give all the information which is required.
After all this procedure, the form should be submitted along with the visa fee, which is $160 (American). The visa fee can be paid by online visa card or credit card.
If the candidate is from Pakistan, he or she can submit the visa fee in any of the Allied Bank Branch.
After the form submission, every candidate will go through an interview. For this interview an advanced appointment is required and here are the documents list which is compulsory at the time of the interview

a) Bank Statement (last three months)
b) Business Documents
c) Employee/Job Documents
d) Tour Program Details
e) Marriage Certificate (if married)
f) Family and Property Documents
g) Visa Sponsor’s Details and relation with the candidate
h) Passport with at least one blank page
i) Candidate’s Photo

For visa Fee, please visit and select PAY MY VISA FEE.
Create an online profile for scheduling an interview or entering visa delivery address.
An appointment can also be scheduled from the CALL CENTER (link provided on the website)
Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the B1 and B2 visa, the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria under the immigration and nationality act. He/she must mention the purpose of the visit (business, vacation, pleasure or medical treatment) and the duration of his/her stay in the US. The most important thing is that the applicant should return to their country before their visa expires.