Good News for Less Educated Pakistanis!! Work and Training in Canada.

By | June 3, 2019

Good News for Less-Educated Pakistanis!! Work and Training in Canada.

Canada is the fastest growing economy as it has a sound social system and health care system. This

The country is full of opportunities for people around the world.

By following the Canada official website “Canada.Ca”, you will find out the Redseal Trades for
the employment opportunities. Traders include all the professional and skilled trades that Canada
has a shortage like plumbers, carpenters, cook, cabinet maker, computer operators, hair stylists,
boilermaker, baker and electricians, and so on.
Red Seal Trade
Red seal trade means that completing your apprenticeship in a Red seal trade, the government of
Canada allows you to work anywhere in Canada. Canadian employer will provide these services
to you. You can get a lot of pieces of information at a minimum cost. They will deliver on the job training on
an initial level without any experience and qualification plus they provide you 40 hours contract.
18-20 hours for work and 18-20 hours they will send you to the university, colleges or
polytechnic institutes to get educated. The benefit of this initial level training is that they pay for this
as well, the salaries and other benefits.
Step by Step Process
By following the Canada official website, you can find the whole process step by step.
You have to use the laptop as mobile devices are not compatible to use the website.
First of all, you have to find out the employer. Find out your area of interest and apply and if take
Redseal trades services then you have opportunities to work in ant part of Canada. You can avail
many other benefits from the government of Canada. Initially, you need to find apprentice
opportunities then after getting all employer’s information, and you have to register yourself first.
Follow every step carefully. Quebec process is different from the above-mentioned
Process. This information is only for the other 11 provinces of Canada.
For apprenticeship, all the information is mention and in these trades. After completing the course,
you will get the right salary package. If you get a trade where they can’t pay you on the job training,
then try to search the financial aids and grants to fulfil your accommodations and food.
In the end, you have to appear in exam after the 2.5 or 3 years of training as an apprenticeship. After
passing the exam, you get permission by Canada to work anywhere in Canada. Its means now
you will be a certified person to work.
If you are from Pakistan, then you have to get the first higher secondary certificate plus 60% marks
and IELTS with 6.0 score.
To train and work in Canada, it is must find an employer who teaches you and educate you and
I also pay you for your work and services.

Follow the website instructions carefully to find the full detail from employer ant the job they
are offering. Focus on the field you are interested, select the field that matches your area of
interest. Get as much information of employer as you can before applying for the job,