Food Service Supervisor Jobs In Canada 2020 (With Salaries)

We have up to 6 vacancies for skilled, dedicated Food Service Supervisor Jobs on a full-time basis. Our main requirement for the candidate is to manage and direct the food-related tasks, including catering, vending, preparation, and operations. The candidate is expected to showcase leadership skills, and as he or she will be responsible for supervising employees designated under them. The candidate will overlook food safety, quality control, management of the team, and more.

Duties & Responsibilities of Food Service Supervisor Jobs:

Food Service Supervisor Jobs

The expected candidate is responsible for performing the following duties:

  1. Managing and assisting the team while being engaged in food service tasks. The candidate needs to ensure the work ethics are being maintained at the workplace. The supervisor will be responsible for allotting increments and bonuses for other employees as well.
  2. The candidate must have basic knowledge of Human Resource (HR) elements, so employees’ performance and attendance are managed.
  3. The candidate will be responsible for coordinating and managing food supply and production-related concerns and issues. Ensuring that the stock is fresh is an utmost necessity.
  4. The candidate should be able to monitor and analyze weekly data. Therefore, he or she needs to know how to make profit and loss statements.
  5. Catering is an essential part of the service; coordinating and managing catering and supply is essential. It requires tracking of sales as part of the job description.
  6. The candidate needs to ensure that standards of hygiene are maintained and food safety is implemented.
  7. Communication is a must; efficiently maintaining contact through proper channels is imperative.

Educational & Professional Requirements:

There is no specific requirement for education for applicants who are interested in applying for the position. For experience, a minimum of 2-year experience is required. It will give an applicant the edge in knowing about the mentioned job skills needed for the position.

Skills & Knowledge for Food Service Supervisor Jobs:

The applicants are expected to showcase the following qualifications for the advertised position:

  1. Must be able to address the concerns and complaints of customers properly
  2. Should be able to train staff present on duty
  3. Take the necessary procedures for safety and sanitation.
  4. Ability to lead and manage employees
  5. Sufficient English spoken and written communication skills
  6. Must know the regulatory codes, rules, and laws needed for the foodservice industry
  7. Vendor and customer skills are a must.
  8. Supply chain and inventory management skills and knowledge are imperative.
  9. Accounting and basic budget techniques are needed.
  10. Hygienic and safety procedures are required and must be implemented.
  11. Flexible working nature

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Job Details:

Total Vacancies: 6

Job type: Permanent full time

Shift: Morning, Flexible hours

Expected Salary: $15.00 per hour (Total: 80-85 hours bi-weekly)

Location: Labrador City, NL