Farm Worker Jobs In Canada 2020 Vacancies (With Salaries)

Farm Worker Jobs In Canada 2020 Vacancies

Farm Worker Jobs In Canada 2020 Vacancies

Farm Worker Jobs In Canada 2020 Vacancies The organization is looking for a hardworking and compassionate farm laborer to perform the duties and be a part of the team. It includes manually harvesting, cultivating, and yielding the fields. The candidate must know the use of necessary tools and building techniques to build & repair fences etc. Duties also include irrigating crops, packing, and loading all the garnered products.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The expected candidate is responsible for performing the following tasks:

  1. The candidate must know how to protect the crops against diseases, fungi, weeds, and insects. Boost their growth by the application of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides to the plants.
  2. The individual will be responsible for operating tractors, trucks, irrigation systems, and other kinds of farming equipment. They will be responsible for planting, cultivating, and spraying the crops.
  3. It will include feeding the livestock, milk the cows. Also, disinfecting and cleaning their cages, yards, and coops. Inspecting the animals of any disease and injury and having them vaccinated.
  4. Check water lines and maintain the proper temperature in the pens, coops, and barns. As well, clear the irrigation dumps.
  5. Dig and plant the seeds. Take care of the crops and plants by trimming them. Perform sorting, inspecting, storing, and harvesting.
  6. Harvest the crops, fruits, and vegetables carefully and load the products in trucks. Drive the vehicles to the market or storage warehouses. Make sure the right shipment is delivered to the market.

Educational & Professional Requirements:

Education: There is no specific educational requirement for applicants who are interested in applying for the position

Experience: Experience as an asset.

Skills & Knowledge:

The applicants are expected to showcase the following qualifications for the advertised position:

  1. The candidate must be able to complete all tasks at hand on time.
  2. The potential candidate must be fluent in English to take verbal and written orders related to daily tasks and duties.
  3. Know how to operate electrical equipment and machinery.
  4. Has the capacity to endure the workload, extended working hours, and carry weight. Also, has the physical stamina to carry out difficult task daily. Sturdy enough to bend, walk, stand, crouch, kneel for an extended period.
  5. Must have a legal driving license or a valid certificate to operate the machinery.
  6. Be able to withstand extreme weather conditions like humidity, set/damp, noisy, hot, and cold.
  7. Have attention to detail and accurately follows the given order. Also, it must be able to distinguish between colors and has hand-eye coordination.

 Job Details:

Total Vacancies: 2

Job type: Seasonal full time

Expected Salary: $14.00 per hour (Total: 32 – 50  hours per week)

Location:  Location568 Lynden Rd, Lynden, ON, L0R 1T0

How to Apply:

Interested applicants are requested to submit their applications on any of the following details:

By email: [email protected]

By phone: 519-647-2025 (between 08:00 AM and 05:00 AM)

In-person: 568 Lynden Rd, Lynden, ON, L0R 1T0 (between 09:00 AM and 05:00 AM)

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