Factory Worker Jobs in Canada With Salaries & Requirement Details

Factory Worker Jobs in Canada

Factory Worker Jobs in Canada

Factory Worker Jobs in Canada The organization is looking for a hardworking and active factory laborer for the department of manufacturing. The individual will be responsible for operating all the equipment, managing all the tasks, assigning tasks, maintaining the systems and machinery. He/she should be well aware of the factory guideline and thoroughly implement them. All the jobs related to packaging, sorting, processing, and delivery will also lie under this designation.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Following are the duties and responsibilities are to be taken care of by the potential applicant:

  1. The worker will be responsible for operating all types of machinery in the factory when needed. The candidate will be, at some point, required to repair the machinery and perform troubleshooting.
  2. The process of sorting, managing them, packing, loading them to the cranes, and ensuring the successful delivery.
  3. The factory laborer will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining a safe & secure workspace. He/she should ensure that all the guidelines are being followed and implemented. Making sure that all the equipment and types of machinery are properly working.
  4. The individual will be responsible for handling and operating power tools in day to day tasks.
  5. Creates logs and records all the orders and completed deliveries.
  6. Maintain the quality of production and output. Easily recognizes the faulty products and removes them from the stock.
  7. Adds labels to all the orders and other external needed details.

Educational & Professional Requirements:

Education: For this vacancy, no particular degree or certificate is required to apply.

Experience: No particular record of expertise is needed for this vacancy.

Skills & Knowledge:

Following skills are required for the applicant to be eligible for the given positions:

  1. He/she must know how to operate different types of machinery used in warehouse and manufacturing processes. Also, the candidate must have a license and certificate to operate the equipment.
  2. He/she must have a trading certificate and is eligible to do so.
  3. The candidate can handle heavyweight material/objects and has strong physical stamina. We should be able to withstand long working hours and has the endurance to severe weather conditions.
  4. An individual must be a team player and efficiently performs all the tasks.
  5. Initiates operations and suggests alternative solutions and extreme working conditions.
  6. The candidate must be fluent in English to take, follow, and assign tasks.
  7. Has the ability to withstand noisy working conditions and pays attention to detail.

Job Details:

Total Vacancies: 6

Job type: Term or contract-based – Full time (As Soon As possible )

Shift: Day, Morning, Evening (Weekends and Overtime can be requested)

Expected Salary:  16.00 per hour Total: 30 –35 hours per week )

Location: Calgary, AB

How to Apply:

The potential candidates are requested to use any one of the following contact details to send in their resumes/CVs:

Email: [email protected]

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