Basic Requirements for Canadian Visit Visa

By | June 2, 2019

Basic Requirements for Canadian Visit Visa

If You Are Planning to Spend Your Holidays Abroad. Canada Offers You A Temporary Based Visit Visa by Which You Can Travel to Canada & Spend Your Holidays Like Never Before
Canadian visit visa is a temporary based visa which permits travellers to visit Canada for tourism purposes or to spend their holidays. There are some basic requirements which should be full filed before applying for the Canadian visit visa.

Essential Documents Necessary for the Visa

There are some primary documents required for the Canadian Visit visa
You should have a passport which should be valid for the next six months. There should be blank pages for visa stickers and immigration stamps.
There must be two photocopies of passport information pages.
Two standards.
Size photographs. (According to instructions given by the embassy)
Filled visa forms.
For the required form, visit the Canadian official website
Download the following visa forms, fill them appropriately and take out a printed copy of these forms
Family information form Imm5645
Statutory Declaration Of Common Law Union Imm5409
Representative Form 5476 (If you have a representative going with you to the visa application centre)
You can fill these form in the visa application centres.
The fee of these forms is Rs 3500-4000/-
If you have your wife and children along with you, you can apply on a single form.
Sponsor letter in which the reason for the visit should be mentioned
The whole schedule of the visit
Marriage certificate issued by the NADRA (if married)
Children’s birth certificate certified by the NADRA (If any)
Copy of the bank statement and property papers
Membership of NTN Chambers of Commerce (for businessman only)
If you are an employee, then you should have an employer certificate
Hotel booking and return ticket details ( if staying with any of your relatives then no need for hotel booking details)
100 Canadian Dollars visa fee,3300 Pakistani Rupees processing fee and 8500 Pakistan Rupees Biometric must be paid in the visa application centre
Your application will be accepted in the case that you have all the required documents mentioned above.

Visa Service Charges

One can check all the service charges from the official website
The service charge schedule is given below.
Service charges for application processing per applicant
RS 3,240.00

Self-service form filling at a computer terminal. Price per applicant


RS 170.00
Assisted service form filling price per applicant


RS 374
Photocopy service per page
RS 80.0
Photography service per person
RS 265.00
SMS notification per application
Passport transmission service
RS 1332.00
GC fee collection and Remittance
RS 550.00